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Potter Brother is a family owned and operated specialty retailer with locations in NY, MA and VT. What Started as a small sporting goods store in uptown Kingston in 1945, Potter Brothers has always taken pride in providing outstanding customer services that exceeds our customers expectations, while delivering top-quality products at a tremendous value.


Harvested from the tropics, Teak furniture is known for its durability and sophistication. Because teak wood retains its oil and rubber, teak fur niture is naturally weather proof and it's high oil content helps protect the wood from parasites.


Wicker patio furniture is stylistically versatile - it goes well with nearly any landscape or patio and can be funky an fresh or classic and elegant with the right accent cushions. Wicker furniture is lightweight enough to move around easily, but it's weave makes it resilient and durable.


IPE wood is one of the most eco-friendly types of outdoor furniture available. It's natural properties resist decay, mold and insects without having to resort to potentially harmful chemicals. The wood itself is incredibly dense, leading to aan exceptionally durable piece of patio furniture.


Aluminum patio furniture combines the best of sturdiness, value and longevity. Aluminum sets are strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to move around easily. Aluminum repels rust and is a alow-maintenance choice for a rugged patio design.


Roble is a native hardwood from Eastern Bolivia. It has been known for decades in Europe as a premium garden furniture wood and is highly valued for its outdoor stability and durability. The larger size of Roble trees allows for wide board and clear cuttings of 100% heartwood, the most durable part of the tree. All Jensen Leisure Furniture Roble is FSC 100%.


Aluminum patio furniture combines the best of sturdiness, value and longevity. Aluminum sets are strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to move aroung easily. Aluminum repels rust and is a low-maintenance choice for a rugged patio design.


Go green with recycled poly patio furniture! This type of outdoor furniture material is made of recycled milk jugs and water bottles creating a material that is durable and virtually maintenance-free.


The right lounge chair is the perfect addition, and in many the point of your patio set. From classic to funky and everything in between, we have a huge assortment of lounge chairs to chose from.


There's room for two sit and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Our benches are the perfect accent piece for your garden or landscape and came in a variety of styles, color and materials.


Known for their wide armrests and high backs, Adirondack chairs give a rugged flairs to any patio set. Available in a wide vareity of color, our selection of Adirondack chairs are perfect for soaking in the sun or sharing a glass of wine with friends.


Nothing says relaxation like swinging slowly in a hammock on a hot summer day. We carry some of the most well-made hammocks in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to have you relaxing in style.


The right umbrella is the ultimate statement piece. We Carry a wide variety of traditional and cantilever umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are the most versatile and stylish options available; they're able to cast a huge shade and have 360 degree turning capabilities to offer the perfect blend to style and shade.


Whether you're looking to accent your newest outdoor furniture set, or to give your existing furniture a facelift, the right cushion can give your style just the right accent. Looking for funky, classic, upscale or country chic? We have it all right here at Potter Brothers Patio.


Durables and waterproof, our covers are designed to fit securety to your furniture and many come with additional space for storage. Protect your patio furniture for years to come with a quality cover from Treasure Garden.


Add a unique fire table to your outdoor seating to create the warm ambiance you desire. Fire tables are a perfect compliment to chat settings and can help prolong the use of your outdoor furniture in the late Fall and early Winter months.